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MegaX, the follower of DIO-sama
MegaX, the follower of DIO-sama

Oh god, this game gives me horrible memories. Not because it sucks, I did love the game. But many years ago, I bought a used copy of the game from Gamestop, I was excited because the movie was awesome (Looking back the entire trilogy of movies hasn’t aged well). Anyways, I put the game in and play it. I had fun, but I was confused since there was no open world. It wasn’t until halfway through the game that I realized:

I wasn’t playing spiderman 2, I was playing this

Some asshole sold the first game in a box for the second. Even worse, Gamestop was too stupid to check.

I eventually played the game at my friends house, I had fun, but I was still upset knowing I got scammed


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