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God… the world would be one step closer to global peace if this happened more often…

Also, I feel like something like this could happen, if competitive cardgames became much more popular than it is now. Like how videogames gained in popularity over the years.

Imagine it. Massive tournaments with hundreds of spectators. Large projections allow for you to see what cards the players have on the field. Men in large costumes of monsters or card-board cutouts rushing into the fray as a card is played.

A hush falls over the crowd as it looks like the underdog is about to lose… Hearts ache and there isn’t a single dry eye in the house…

But just as it looks like there is no longer any hope in the world… the trap card is activated!

A mighty collection of gasps echo through the stadium… The silence is quickly shattered as an eruption of cheers signal the end…

sniffle It would be beautiful…


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