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TF2 is actually really sad if you think about it, the entire team has issues
Pyro is fucking insane
Demo is an alcoholic who was abandoned by his parents until he was about 6 and also became friends with BLU soldier and can’t talk to him and misses him
Scout was raised with 7 brothers and may or may not be RED Spy’s son
Soldier talks to severed heads and fantasizes about being in the Army without actually joining
Medic is a little…too casual with organs and doves flying into rib cages.
Spy is probably going to die in 5 years of lung cancer and is wearing all fake teeth (newest TF2 comic he smuggles tiny dinner into prison through his fake teeth
Sniper has parent issues and keeps his pee in a jar
Heavy is overly attached to his weapons and gives them names
Engie’s robot hand. Imagine how he lost his original.

It was supposed to be a lighthearted cartoony game.


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