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Paper Jam Dipper
Paper Jam Dipper

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I didn’t read everything, but here were some highlights:
>Whining about how Toon Link, Wii Fit Trainer and Lucario stole spots from Impa, Little Mac, and Ridley (even though Ridley is TOO FUCKING BIG)
>“I may end up not buying a Wii U”
“This is going to be even more cancerous than Brawl”
>Lucario getting added somehow means the Pokemon series will have more than six reps
>Comparing Lucario and Shadow for trying to make their respective series “edgy”
>“I will bring lawsuits there will be consaqunses” (that’s how they actually spelled it)
>Sakurai “spitting in the balls” of fans by confirming Lucario
>“Nintendo and Sakurai have proven they are retarded children and are out of touch with what everyone wants”
>“Lucario has zero fans and Game Freak is furshit”
>Lucario is apparently a Mary Sue (even though it turns out there are multiple Lucarios since he’s not a legendary anymore)
>“Not hyped anymore”, “I’m not supporting Nintendo anymore”, and other such bullshit

What’s really ironic is that everybody hated Mewtwo when Melee first came out.


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