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Supreme the Lurking Monitor
Supreme the Lurking Monitor

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I must apologize to you, OP. I was quite emotional, and somewhat sleep deprived when I first wrote it. And in the hours hence you have proven to be far better spoken and more articulate than I had originally taken you to be.

One point I have made still stands: the protesters are only doing what they feel is right. You are right that this is the real world, which makes how we win all the more important. It is just as important as whether we win at all. The protests happen because people see how powerful and strong the one holding the shield has become, and they become afraid. It turns into a “beware the superman” scenario. We know there must be plenty of good people in the NSA, but can we trust that they will always be there? What if the superman starts to resent the ones he protects, what will stop him from turning on them? People want the peace of mind of knowing that their protector can’t hurt them. It’s not enough that it promises not to, the people want the choice taken out of its hands.

I want an NSA that I can be proud of, Mint. One that adheres to American principles, and that I don’t feel like I have to apologize to the rest of the world for. I want an NSA that I feel less afraid of than actual enemies.


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