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in reply to mistertony

so what? it’s an infomercial to sell oven mitt?
like they invented it
WOW! the latest scientist research as led to a brand new and amazing inovation! THE OVEN MITT! you were tired of geting burns on your hands while cooking? ‘insert op’s gif here’ today pain is no more with the new OVEN MITTS 2014! ‘insert gif of a smilly guy pulling out his sandwich with oven mitts’”


this is probably the best fail ever
this guy is around 40 years old and in 40 years he never heard about that?:

plus he must have felt the hot air coming out of the oven
i start to think that people making infomercial are growing humans in some sort of completely empty and closed area without learning them anything and feeding them with nutrient cube and when they are old enough they pull them out and tell them stuff like: “ok try to take this thing with your hands”


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