Ruined Childhood - A Shell Of Its Former Self

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A Shell Of Its Former Self

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My parents used to take me to BlockBuster every Friday during my Elementary and Middle School years. They would usually reward me by taking me there just so I can pick any game I wanted to take home for the weekend until the Friday after that. People would usually miss Blockbuster because of the movies they wanted to rent. But it was a big deal for me, since it was the only time I could get a game for free without spending a huge amount of money for it. I was very upset when I found out the Blockbuster in my town closed, so later my parents took me to another Blockbuster store outside of town. That store later closed in 2010, and one of the last games I remember renting was “Super Mario Galaxy 2” which I randomly decided to buy along with a “Powerpuff Girls” PS2 game back in 2004. Blockbuster actually turned me into a gamer, and made me interested in buying different video games besides playing the same old games I got a long time ago. But the real reason why I’m sad that it’s extinct (In my area). Is because nowadays I would have to wait until my Birthday or Christmas to buy a new game I’m really wanted. But back when Blockbuster was very common, renting a new video game there was free! I’m sad that the next generation of children will miss out on how a big of a deal it was. At least from a gamer’s point of view.


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