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Wait… WHAT? Who is teaching “don’t get raped”? What the hell sort of lesson is that supposed to teach? Are they also teaching “don’t get murdered”, “don’t get mugged”, or “don’t be a victim of identity theft”?

I’m sorry, but throughout all my schooling years, from kindergarten onwards, I never heard “don’t get raped”. I heard “don’t talk to strangers”, “don’t approach the strange van”, and “don’t take candy from strangers”. These are all preventative measures to avoid being the victim of violent crime. They are reasonable.

The way you put it, though, makes it sound like people actively think “should I get raped today” and the lessons kick in telling us “don’t get raped”. Your wording makes your argument sound ridiculous.

Getting raped is not a matter of choice. It is something horrible that happens to you, and the best you can do is take precautions to try and prevent it from happening. Tasers, mace, those loud alarm keychains, and common sense safety can help save you from being raped. It will not guarantee that it won’t happen, but it will help reduce the odds it will.

Now, one last thing. Who is not teaching “don’t rape”? Society itself holds the act of rape in the utmost contempt. It is the most abhorrent crime within our society even over murder. People are less reactionary to murderers than to rapists. That is a nation of people constantly telling you “don’t rape”.

Pervy Sage
Pervy Sage

The whole “you were dressed skimpy? Then too bad it’s your fault slut” argument is either:

1. An over-exaggerated straw man argument made from the advice that you probably shouldn’t dress provocatively because it can increase your chance of getting raped.

2. Never actually used.


3. A primarily US-exclusive societal problem that shouldn’t be assumed is true for the rest of the world.


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