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There’s a thing i always said about pokémon :

“Every gen have flaws, yet every gen is awesome.”

Gen1 : Flaws : SO MUCH GLITCHES. Good side : Started the idea of pokemon, and was super imaginative when it came out
Gen2 : Flaws : Kinda glitchy. Lookalike of the Gen1. Good side : COLOR. The new pokemons, and a few new gameplay elements
Gen3 : Flaws : Way too much water, too much HMs, and zigzagoons are ruining muh nuzlockes. Good side : Actual differences between versions, awesome new pokemons, NEW TYPES, and awesome music.
Gen 4 : Flaws : Some pokemons are… a tad weird. Good side : Big story, EMPOLEON, awesome champion, actually quite challenging.
Gen 5 : Flaws : Some mons just want to make me shout “THE FUCK ?”, the story is hard to follow if you don’t buy BW and then BW2. Good side : The. Fuckin’. Story… Some pokemon are awesome, TM are re-usable and lilligant is mah waifu.
Gen 6 : Flaws : You’ll know who’s the bad guy just by looking at him. The new type is kinda OP. Good side : Mega evolution is awesome, the villain came THAT CLOSE to destroying the world, and quite difficult without the xp share. AND YOUR POKEMONS ARE IN FULL 3D, NOT JUST SPRITES.


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