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Astatine, Resident Hijab Fetishist
Astatine, Resident Hijab Fetishist

A) This is NOT Vietnam, bitches.

B) They already raided you.

C) Do you really think the anti-bullying front is going to be effective at all? Hell, that’s effectively what you guys started out with when you poked the hornet’s nest, and look at how well that turned out.

D) You should probably give more specific instructions to your hackers other than essentially “hack stuff”, nevermind the fact that these guys would probably call using the computer while their friend’s still logged on to Facebook “generous hacking” because they’re not taking advantage…

E) I’ll be surprised if you make any effective retaliation that doesn’t involve futilely trying to reason with them or you becoming the very monsters you’re trying to drive away.

F) Why the hell do you think that you should do what they did to you but then still lecture them on what they did to you?



So, overall…


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