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Spaghetti Lord
Spaghetti Lord

A guide to ending gamers? Meaning the consumers that buy and play games? How the hell would they make money then? Are these people crazy?

And that list of things below … what the hell is that? Developers will make the games they want to make, based on their vision. You do not force them to make what you want because your crazy delusional mind sees sexism and racism everywhere and in every little thing. I personally don’t care if a character is male, female, gay, hell it can be a three headed space lizard for all I care, but the decision to put that character in the game belongs to the developer, not because someone forced him to do it.

And “making games not about fun” … then what’s their fucking point then? I play games to have fun not to have something preach to me about idiotic SJW crap.
Time to join this gamergate.


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