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I’m just your average Famous Decepticon from the Shattered Glass franchise.
I’m also KYM’s unofficial Moral Officer Titan Pilot.
You can find me on steam right here
I’m a huge fan of Transformers.
You are welcome to my club. Hope you enjoy your stay and may the music satisfy your soul.

And did I mention that I absolutely love transformers?

Feel free to post any Transformers-related comments on my wall
(non-transformers comments are ok too)

Badges (w.i.p.):

You can call me Late since I normally have it on most of my Internet profiles.

* Be a Conversationalist
* Upload 500 pics
* Upload 1,000 pics
* Complete my badge set
* Make it past Year One on KYM
* Make it past Year Two on KYM
* Survive for a third year on KYM
* Change name permanently once

The 80s is down right awesome.

Robots (like me) are cool, nuff said.


The Softcap is the true superior hat there ever is, period.

Music is my Kryptonite especially those from or based off of the 80s or a video game (or both)

This list of rules/myself will normally expand.

If all else fails, exterimnautus will be immediately declared on the spot no matter the post or cost.

I do have neutral feelings for MLP: FiM but please don’t shove it right up my faceplate. If you dare you’ll unleash my inner Angry Marine

I obey to the FIRRIB rule and you must too.

Friends/Followers of mine are considered to be part of “My Wrecking Crew” (although its just a minor name/title to show appreciation)

Edgar is the one in the hole.

I once was turned into a newt…. I got better.

I get bored way too easily.



Console = PC

I hardly take things seriously.

I’m a professional and professionals have standards.
I Be polite
II Be efficient
III Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

I dare to be Stupid¡

USMC rules!


You know what they say

This is my rifle

There many like it, but this one mine.

If you say that the AK-47/74 is better.

My MA5B will say otherwise.

Imperial Guard forever.


You say diabetes, I say diabeetus.

The wrecking crew is similar to anonymous.

The wrecking crew doesn’t forgive unless you have philosophies that tell you otherwise.

The wrecking crew cares to deliver.

You can almost never find me on steam, even if you try.
UPDATE: Scratch that, you can find me very easily now

I like Bruticus more than SG Soundwave.

I enjoy my Gung Ho personality.

Snake Eyes is epic and should be respected.

As part of the Crew, we are all brothers to the core.

I am, the one who knacks

Never doubt the crew.
Doubt and you’ll be sleeping with ten feet of fish on your bed.

If you are lagging on this page, blame this list.

Remember this story you will be quizzed later today.

He is the one waving.

Rick rolling me is useless for I actually enjoy the song. Believe me I tried.

I have not mouth… Yet I must rock.

I am currently an apostle of the Son of Primus and sworn to get him trending again.

The rumors are true, I do have Iron hips.

I’m an obvious STAR_ fan.

>mfw my limits are pushed beyond boundaries

I’m know to use music videos as my reactions

Take it away Jon

You don’t say s-swears


It appears that some other bot would fit my personality a bit better.

When in doubt release the BANEBLADES!!!

He wants YOU to buy war bonds for the war effort.

This is my sister.

The Hyneman in his Natural habitat.

Some say money makes this world go round. I say it’s gravity or something to do with orbiting stuff.

Yes, I am a fan of RWBY.

Spider-man is the greatest superhero all time

(But Captain America is my all time favorite)

Please don’t feed the animals.

David Tennant is the best Doctor

(Not a Whovian anymore btw)


I tend to push my luck a little further than I should

I’m currently doing the “Song of the Week” on Sundays. Temp canceled.

To prevent confusion between my number of friends vs followers I am performing a semi-yearly event called ’Follower Appreciation Day" where on the 31st of January and the 3rd of June (aka the day I made this account) I automatically friend all of my followers just because you guys are gnarly dudes and dudettes.

The one thing I hate more than reposts, is when I intensionally repost. I really do appreciated a fair warning incase I do.

To the Wrecking Crew members who complain about the rations I give them.


i lik jaM!

My life in a nutshell

Though I’m usually a Marvel Comics fan I do have a favorite from DC Comics.

Some People think I’m awesome or epic.

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