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Your belovedly awkward perverted asshole [edit:9/5/14] and Frozen hater[/edit].

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Born: September 4, 1992
Education (most to least): Music composition and theory, visual arts, philosophy, linguistics, Biblical criticism, natural science (astronomy, biology, physics)
Languages (most to least fluent): English, German, Japanese
Religion: None
Political views: Liberal
Sexuality: Gender is not necessarily a determining factor. Women are nice tho.
(Not meant to be taken too seriously)
1. Rainbow Dash
2. Twilight Sparkle
3. Rarity
4. Applejack
5. Pinkie Pie
6. Fluttershy
(Season 3 and incomplete songs excluded; all open to change)
(maybeh when I’m less busy/lazy I’ll write explanations for these)
1. Smile Song
2. Love Is in Bloom
3. Winter Wrap Up
4. Art of the Dress
5. Becoming Popular
6. At the Gala
7. Theme Song
8. Laughter Song
9. Cupcake Song
10. Cutie Mark Crusaders Song
11. Hush Now Lullaby
12. Pinkie Pie’s Singing Telegram
13. The Flim Flam Brothers
14. So Many Wonders
15. B.B.B.F.F.
16.You Gotta Share, You Gotta Care
17.The Perfect Stallion
18. This Day Aria
19. Find a Pet Song
20. The Heart Carol

Sum my music.

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