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this claims are not disputed

IRC: Twisty, T3R3Z1 and ASAP_Twisty which is registered

my last.fm account

my theme sang…*song

Im a fan of most of OFWGKTA hip hop collective, but mostly just tyrone the creationist and earl sweatshirt (wh dropped one of my favorite albums of all time “Doris”)

Such dark eerie noire Project.
tyler the creator = earl sweatshirt > domo genesis > mike g > hodgy beats.
Tyler has the production.

My favorite band ever (over anyone else ATM) is death grips, post industrial punk/dark metal/EMD/trip hop/hardcore hip hop/bjorkcore band, love ALL of their albums, but exmiltary is my favorite

Another favorite hip hop group is clipping, basically they focus on creating music using field recordings like hammers destroying cinder blocks, dominoes falling off, metal balls on pipes etc as well as combining a method called clipping which is “a form of waveform distortion that occurs when an amplifier is overdriven and attempts to deliver an output voltage or current beyond its maximum capability”, yeah and the manage to make that melodic, dont ask me how, it just Works.
Also combined with diggs extreme lyrical gangsta styled rap delivery which pretty much changes how hard and cold the Street life can be.
other rappers that arent from odd future that i love include kendrick lamar, chance the rapper,wu tang clan, danny Brown, the underachievers, schoolboy Q, Kanye west which is the best mainstream producer IMO, tech n9ne,mac miller royde da 5´9 , NAS, outkast (obviously), Joey bad$$s, and the list goes on :^), also:
MF doom

Mac meezy

(WMWTSO was his best Project you nerds)

Run the Jewels (dropped 2013 best álbum, what do you expect?)

A$AP Ferg > rocky.

All for the trap lord
PUSHA T a.k.a King push

I also like some ignorant hype rap from time to time, just a Little guilty pleasure

I also love other bands (which one could call /mu/core bands).
Swans, my bloody valentine,
ápex twin

the dead kennedy´s, ABBA, Radiohead, acid induced Beatles, super black moth rainbow, and some vaporwave :^))))) from time to time.

Really i may just focus on hip hop as my main genre but put anything that sounds good and i will like it, hell, i have liked music focused on heartbeats only i will like anything.

/mu/ in a nutshell:

so uh, what else do i say?

i like videogames.

yes, i made that shit

IRC: Twisty, ASAP_Twisty, T3R3Z1

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