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Once upon a time, I thought about things besides Eridan Ampora.
I don’t remember much about those dark days.







The Shiny Vulpix

The Red Spirit

[Aradia Intensifies]

“Eridan is the Magikarp of trolls, I swear. He just flops around using his splash and everyone laughed at him because he was so pathetic and then he GODDAMN EVOLVES AND FUCKING KILLS EVERYONE.”

~Tumblr user Hirokohana

A young lady stands in her bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 14th of September, is this young lady’s KnowYourMeme membership anniversary. Though it was one year ago she became part of this website, it is only today she will be given a real introduction in her KYM profile. And as a member of KYM, she must have a username.

What will the username of this young lady be?

>Enter username.

You cannot enter her username! It was already entered the day she signed up.

You could always try to guess her username. But instead of that, here’s a better idea: Why don’t you just ask for her username?

>Ask for username.

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