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“Being a kid and growing up… It’s hard. It’s hard and nobody understands…”

~Eridan Ampora

John x Rose
John x Dave
John x Jade
John x Jake
John x Karkat
John x Vriska

Rose x John
Rose x Dave
Rose x Kanaya
Rose x Eridan

Dave x John
Dave x Rose
Dave x Jade
Dave x Dirk
Dave x Aradia
Dave x Karkat
Dave x Terezi
Dave x Eridan

Jade x John
Jade x Dave
Jade x Karkat
Jade x Eridan

Jane x Roxy
Jane x Dirk
Jane x Jake

Roxy x Jane
Roxy x Dirk
Roxy x Eridan

Dirk x Dave
Dirk x Jane
Dirk x Roxy
Dirk x Jake
Dirk x Eridan

Jake x John
Jake x Jane
Jake x Dirk

Aradia x Sollux
Aradia x Vriska
Aradia x Equius

Tavros x Nepeta
Tavros x Vriska
Tavros x Gamzee
Tavros x Eridan

Sollux x Aradia
Sollux x Karkat
Sollux x Eridan

Karkat x John
Karkat x Dave
Karkat x Sollux
Karkat x Nepeta
Karkat x Terezi
Karkat x Eridan

Nepeta x Tavros
Nepeta x Karkat
Nepeta x Equius
Nepeta x Eridan

Kanaya x Rose

Vriska x John
Vriska x Aradia
Vriska x Tavros
Vriska x Eridan

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And here’s a man dancing with chicken wings in front a rainbow background, in case you’re ever sad! :D


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