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I am Akemi Mokoto, considered Sexiest Man Alive by Sexist Man Alive Monthly. You can subscribe the Sexiest Man Alive Monthly by meeting me at the Rin Kokonoe Rest Stop on the Tokyo-Yokohama Turnpike at 4:30 AM every Friday. I’ll be wearing Len Kagamine Cosplay.

Joking aside, my name IS Akemi Mokoto. I am the Director of the Lolicon Defense Task Force(pro-lolicon/anti-pedophile org). I am a Weather photographer, Storm Chaser, future meteorologist, future Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, anime otaku, blogger, and Anti-Pedophile Activist, BUT Lolicon fan. I plan to go to the University of Fairbanks and get my PHD in Meteorology and maybe a degree in Journalism. Then I will LIVE in Japan(if I am not already living there before all that) and work at the Japanese Meteorological Agency(if that fails, I will work at NHK, CNNj, TV Tokyo, or whoever else will take me)

I am a GUY and as you read, I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE! I am NOT Japanese. I am american. I will be Japanese when I become a citizen of Japan. I changed my name to Akemi Mokoto legally, so don’t ask me if I am Japanese. I am mulatto. I am 183 lbs and 6ft. My BMI is 24.8 so I am NOT fat.

WARNING: I am an over-opinionated asshole. I will NOT sugar coat my words or be politically correct. I do cuss a lot.

Akemi Mokoto


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