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SirAlinEsp in Steam. Search me, add me, gift me something.
Everything started as a teen me. Loved this website, so I wanted to contribute to the community. Did a cuople of articles, and uploaded a shitton of images to prove them a real maymay. Lots of deadpools but I got a couple of frontpages, that was cool. I was just the guy posting the meme entry, a shitty description and google searched images. Archivist as fuck! So I just came here to erase my old “About me” tab, then I clicked someone´s profile and found he also left this site. He wrote about leaving his old profile wall of text because he had a great time in this website. When I read that, I wanted to thanked this site for all the lulz it gave to me when I was that guy making random entries. Now, I just lurk sometimes to read new entries, cringe about deadpooled entries and remember good old days back in junior/high school. THXKYMKKBYE!

Also, last “About me” was about me being a videogame player (TF2, runescape), liking memes and an autoplay Renard´s “You got curves, she got curves” song while I claimed to be the #1 fan of regular show, adventure time and gravity falls.

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