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Just a regular guy who is 20 and studies computer science. I like to make or watch youtube montages (mlg, mad or ytpmv) and lurk around the kym and its community.

I also pop up on the irc chat. You can find me there, sometimes changing the topic and leave for no reason. :^)
My registered nicknames on freenode are:

> AlexMercer (duh)
> VivianJames
> RedScreen

I usually polish entries as much as i can. If you got format issues on your entry, don’t hesitate to send me a private message. Don’t ask me to remove images or spambots. I don’t have any authority on these. Ask other mods.

My Youtube
If you want to check old KYM meta videos again here is the list
My Soundcloud
KYM unofficial imageboard /don/ [Moderated NSFW]
My Steam

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