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Hi i like the internet. I work at Tumblr.
KYM 2011-2013.
I am a cat and fandom expert. Roxy Lalonde is my spirit animal.
You can email me any questions (cat related or not) at continuants at gmail dot com. You can also tweet at me @continuants.

Tomberry: Amandab is the last boss of KYM.
Random_Man: You’re my favorite deputy amandab
Taryn: on the internet, everyone knows you are a cat
Philip_J: Amanda goes into cardiac arrest if someone tries to force a meme
SubjectNumber32: Jamie Dubs > Amanda B. > every other KYM scientist.
gi97ol: Amanda is best cat!
CrustyClarinet: Amanda is the best thing since sliced bread!
Samuel is Searching!: You are the perfect cat god.
sitrep: Your based goddess has arrived. And she has cats
MrWolfy: when I meet amanda irl the first thing I would say is “what’s up you meme loving fuck”

people who have graciously made me avatars:
papaphill, Gespenst, RandomMan, SecretAgentBro.

this is me as a pony.

(i love all of your cat posts and please never stop)


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this is the creepiest/best thing i’ve ever seen. is there more?

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Needs work, I disagree with the deadpool. This is all over tumblr

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Nicolas Cage
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everything’s been really great! i am working on some fun stuff that will be live soon!

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