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This only shows that the guy, as ugly as he was, had some balls in asking her out. Given that by her reaction, the two never got along (and by the context, I find it possible that the guy may have had contact with her before, since she didn’t say it was some random dude), it shows that he may also have been somewhat insecure and/or socially awkward (based on my experiences, extroverts have no problem in making acquaintances and it’s easy for them to tak a friend and turn it into something more because the two have known each other. For introverts, the process seems harder because they lack the social skills that make the others “successful”). So by saying that she didn’t want him to speak to her, she may not only have smashed his feelings, but what little self-esteem the guy may have had. Sure, it wasn’t the appropriate way to start a relationship, but how is he supposed to know that? And then filing a report to the cops? I feel for that man. With a crazy girl like that, I’d wonder if he would ask another girl out in the future.

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