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Commented on ISIS-chan

I’m ROFLing x 3 because here in Mexico, Isis is considered a female name.

Jan 26, 2015 at 05:18PM EST

Commented on 274.png

Also, keep in mind that most pro-GG developers would not openly come out as such. Anti-GG boycotts developers, we don’t.

Jan 25, 2015 at 05:16PM EST

Commented on Time Lapse.

They also have other programs and most people could not care less about either GG or Social Justice. I don’t really find anything wrong there.

Jan 19, 2015 at 02:59AM EST

Commented on 058.png

>NYS would raise interesting points if it was divorced from GG

Guilt by association at it’s finest

Jan 18, 2015 at 02:58PM EST

Commented on 59e.png

Whoever leaked this thing must be LMAOing hard

Jan 18, 2015 at 12:33AM EST

Commented on d77.jpg

Like we don’t know this is from CommunismKills

Jan 17, 2015 at 02:33PM EST

Commented on aff.jpg_large

Probably on Anita’s gallery but I don’t recall seeing it in this one

Jan 09, 2015 at 09:27PM EST

Commented on d52.png

Too busy having a life, I’d say…or at the very least trying to

Jan 08, 2015 at 08:09PM EST

Commented on 329.jpg

Based Scriptwriter for Watch_Dogs

Jan 05, 2015 at 04:42PM EST

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