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Many moons had passed since the day that my old landlord was defeated, i was left to care for his estate in his absence, and befriending a person you might know as Skimaskkass. After a while it began to occur to me that, while this was indeed a very sweet setup I had here, there was something lacking, a missing spark; if you will. I still had my gunblade from that fatefull day, and it still lacked a name. Eventually I came to the cunclusion that staying here would slowly become boring as all hell, and the redundancy of living in a castle is unending ( there were candles every 2 feet in that place!! Who the hell needs THAT MANY candles!?!?); I decided I was going to leave the castle behind and travel where ever I pleased.

With that rather roomy abode left behind in the care of my great friend, I set out to have myself one damn fine adventure, strewn with exitement, money; and an odd fight here and there. ( The last statement was more prominent when I was in Tasmania.) One endeavour of Particular note, took place in Valencia. I’d happened upon a very peculiar looking man, he stood approximately five feet and ten inches tall, his skin and long, ponytailed hair hair seemed to resemble that of ivory; his eyes that of an albino. They seemed to stare straight through me. He also had one of the biggest hats I’d ever laid eyes on. As I approached him, I felt a strange feeling of dread, there was almost an aura of malicious intent radiating off of his archaicly dressed figure; he seemed to become less human the closer I came. I noticed a strange armament at the left side of his hip, not unlike what I carried myself. When I questioned him about it, his only answer was that it was merely an “airloom” and that it had been passed down his family line for over thirty generations and that he liked to keep it close. The part about it being passed down for generations seemed to be true, judging from the decorations of the hilt, however, the statement that it was “only an airloom” seemed to be a downright lie, for the hilt showed the obvious smootheness of wear, and the blade exibited various nicks and scratches on the metal; some of them appereared fresh. We happened to be in a tavern at the time, so I invited him to a game of poker, he said he haden’t known what that was, as it was an unfarmilliar game to where he came from. I asked him if he was willing to learn to play, he seemed indifferent to the question as he answered, “My time is infinite upon this world, and I have no other priorities at the moment. Very well.” In a low, hollow voice. He seemed to be a quick study, the entire time I’d taught him to play, he’d just watched my actions with a smile at the corner of his mouth; his crimson eyes never blinked more than once over the course of ten minutes. The strange look of knowing mirth, as though a trap was slowly closing over prey, never left his visage as we delt cards and called one another’s bluffs as they surfaced, like shooting clay pidgeons just as they reach the top of their arc.

After a few hours, the man’s eyes narrowed, and his look twisted into a look of dismay, as it appeared he was out of money. He seemed to genuinely enjoy the game, so I chose this moment to inform him that collateral was an acceptable form of currency in poker; a dark, feral grin split from the lower part of his face, almost stretching ear-to-ear. “That changes everything.” His voice still had the same hollowness to it, only this time, more depth to it. “I wager my pistol blade, worth a small fortune.” he said, never losing his grin as he unsheathed the blade and placed it noiselessly on the table. The words “small fortune” rang louder in my ears than any he’d said before now. “I’ve not enough money or any object on me that could even hope to go against that in terms of value!” My dumbfoundedness must have shown, for his grin stretched even wider; almost letting out a laugh, the man said said “Oh, but you do. You just haven’t found it yet.” The crimson in his eyes seemed to grow brighter as he angled his gaze lower, towards my heart. The aura he let off seemed to grow noticeably stronger as he did so. The frequency of his blinking even still did not elevate. As our game drew to a close, I’d won only by one card. We both had a flush, exactly identacle cards, only that his hand had a six; mine a seven. He still sat at the table as the man pushed the blade further towards me, and I picked it up by the pommel, and just before I stowed it in a cloth sheath,I glanced at the underside of the gaurd. “Nirvana” was written there, indicating a name. It’s pistol barrel located on the gaurd, protruded from underneath the cloth. Even as I did so, he still looked at me with the same mirthful smile he had kept up until the end. Before walking away, I asked him what his name was, for I’d forgotten to ask earlier; his answer was “de Leon”. I had bid him farewell and hope that we meet again, just as I was turning around, “We will.” the man said “We will.” He still sat unmoving, still and steady as a statue.

As I paced towards the front doors of the tavern, I’d gotten the urge to look back one last time. I turned and stared in disbelief, as the table we played on seemed to be empty, and de Leon nowhere to be seen. I left the tavern with mixed feelings and confused thoughts, as I did so, there seemed to be an ominous feel on the air; and a shadow at the corner of my eye.

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