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(Comprehensive description of myself
under construction; WATCH THIS SPACE.)
My easy, simple, three step guide to avoiding MLP,
ponies, bronies, furries, trolls, avatards, rabid fans, rage faces, Reddit,
9gag, overused memes, cancer and relevant paraphernalia.

STEP 1. – Get off the fucking internet and read a big, heavy book.
STEP 2. – Find topics that interest you and have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with internet/popular culture.
Seriously. I have scoured the following sites for anything, I can count the number of image macros I saw on one hand.
STEP 3.- Select a hobby that takes you as far away from internet society as possible and act on it in meet-space,
as opposed to discussing it online;my two favorite hobbies are physical recreation (Embed 1) and animal companionship (Embed 2).

Now you’re ready to go the distance! Make me proud!

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