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Hello, I am Jesus (Jesus of New York),

Together we can build a new world, only thing you need is friendship, if you chose to accept it.

Here is the main music for my wall:

Each button will have a new song related to the button.

On KYM I mostly post pictures of fandom art, and comment every where. I don’t really hate on anybody on here (except for Mal jokingly) and try to be a good little Jesus. I will remove any repost I make when I find proof of it, just so you know. I won’t try and “make” any memes, but I will try and make subculture pages for fandoms and such that need it.

Fix up Resident Evil page and get it to submission level.
Add to the Yu-gi-oh page

Fi(Suck it Midna is Mai Waifu ;P):


Fandoms I’m in:
Kill la Kill
League of Legends
Attack on Titan
Fairy Tail Anime
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Street Fighter
Marvel and DC comics
South Park

Fandoms I’m not in or don’t play/watch, but I like to contribute to:
My Little Pony
Doctor Who
Star Trek
King of Fighters

Stop other fandoms, stop.


Feel free to comment, talk, ask, share, and repent below in the box!

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