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Wow, look! It’s a FAQ, because that’s something people do!:

Why did you make a FAQ?
Because I’m very self-centered and love talking about myself.

Who makes a FAQ when they’re never asked any questions?
Why are you being such a cheeky little shithead?

Are you Brad?
No, I’m Brad.

Favorite meme?
Currently Cringeworthy. My guilty pleasure. Everyone’s guilty pleasure, actually. [EDIT:] Now Expand Dong. RIP in peace Cringeworthy gallery.

Favorite book?
Slaughterhouse-Five. Or anything by Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite song?

Feast your ears on a half hour of incomprehensible progressive rock.

(If you’ve graduated that and want a full 45 minutes of incomprehensible progressive rock, follow the link below to my second favorite song.)

Anyway, that’s a FAQ. I guess. I think. Tonda gossa!

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