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Commented on Know Your Meme: Occupy Wall Street

I gotta say, it’s been super interesting to see such a wide range of opinions on this, but I’d like to put a little spin to this discussion, one that doesn’t involve bipartisan opinions as much. So I think one of the more interesting aspects of OSW has less to do with politics and beliefs (it’s important, don’t get me wrong) but more to do with the logistics and structure--or lack thereof.

What I mean is the fact that the news media has been fixating on the lack of focus and leadership as a major shortcoming of the protests, but here’s the question I’d like to put forth: Is not having a central organizer (or “gatekeeper” of interests & causes) in the coalition process actually harming the solidarity of the group?

Now that OSW going into its second month, I’m starting to think that maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to be without a frontman. If it had been more pointed and centralized in efforts, wouldn’t it have been quelled & forced to disband already? And if Occupy protesters co-oped with heavyweights and influentials in American politics, wouldn’t it have been more predictable in outcome?

Oct 19, 2011 at 07:56PM EDT

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