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Ah, a wanderer comes.

You seek to know of the armoured figure who stands before you, yes? Well, set thine posterior upon the ground and listen, for a story shall be told.

From a northern realm I come; a place of short, sweet summers and harsh, freezing winters. They call me by many a name: To some, I am the master of banners. To others, I am the silent shadow. And to a select few, I am the sword that hangs overhead.

To most, however, I am Brownmane, traveling swordstallion and wordsmith extraordinare! I traverse these lands, seeking new letters, words and expressions with which to forge ever more striking prose, and opportunities to put my rhetorical blade to use. I also dabble in the visual arts, and know a thing or two of matters both arcane and obscure.

A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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