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Life’s greatest gift is being remembered, or prehaps, the greatest curse for some. Only you can decide this outcome and never let anyone tell you otherwises.

You want to know want to know what the best therapy is? That would be the world; this world is full of people who shall change you for good or bad, in fact, that doesn’t even matter. What I mean is that you dont have give into to the notion that you are evil, bad, or that something is wrong with you, even at birth, because nothing is worthy of being despicible in this world, only different. You don’t have to be told what is wrong because the only option that matters is your’s alone. In fact, you dont even have to care about what I’ve to say, however, all I ask is that you respect me in someway and I shall do the same for you.

Respect is the greatest gift you can give to someone and just because you cant see it doesn’t mean its false. Respecting is remembering someone here and beyond for you acknowledge another person in your life and accept the very defintion of humanity. Why I say this is because most people live a life of passive discontent; they only think they respect, but in reality when people are turned against each other they only think about themselves. To truely respect you must suffer and experience a piece of a person’s life; the closer and closer you get to someone, the more you discover about yourself. Sadly, writing only shows what is in a person’s heart; there is no context to it, so the only way to truely understand someone’s writing is for the reader to have come to same conclusion as the writer have; that is in other words, respecting a life. Now try to do that for everyone of this earth past, present, and future to come; it seems almost impossible, that is why its my defintion of life.

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