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Commented on Same as always

I would say some girls do, but not all. I personally don’t.

Feb 04, 2014 at 06:13PM EST

Commented on Why Lolicon Is Shit

Do we know for sure that this is hentai? I’m going to assume it’s not, at least for the time being, so I can retain some faith in humanity.

Feb 02, 2014 at 05:23PM EST

Commented on 205.jpg

When my brother was a kid, his dream was to live in a trailer because he thought it would be awesome to have a mobile house.

Dec 28, 2013 at 07:48PM EST

Commented on 90c.jpg

Except this is Korean. (Sorry, I had to.)

Dec 08, 2013 at 10:26PM EST

Commented on Dat Science

Never tried it for headaches, but I have found it’s helpful with period cramps.

Dec 04, 2013 at 06:33PM EST

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