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Okay, let me actually put something here.
I am Camper…
- I am one of the biggest furfags you’ll see out there.
- I am one of those people who hates nothing more than to get an error saying the tablet driver isn’t running.
- Twilight Forest is best minecraft mod
- If you can find my FA page, something is liable to be wrong with you.
- Something is probably wrong with me too.
- I am guilty of being part of the r34 scene
- Feel free to judge me
- Rita ich mein waifu
- I made my info box into a list because
- Sable is best AC character
- Though Amelia is pretty good too.
- I haven’t played ACNL in so long Isabelle has become mayor
- I main Rosalina on MK8, because Rosalina on the flame rider is just too dang cool.
- I don’t use 3D on the 3DS.
- I think commissions are a dishonest practice
- My doctor says I use the computer too much
- There’s a million things I do that will one day be the death of me
- I’m still in college because I have no clue what to do afterwards
- I hope there isn’t a character limit for this thing.
- Be happy I didn’t put one of those autoplaying sound files here, unlike some people
- I cried through the entire ending segment of TWDG s2.

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