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~ Top 100 MUST-KNOW Brony of YouTube (Of 2012)
~ I have gained over 12.3 million views on YouTube since Sept. 28, 2011 (8/30/2014)
~ I have over 6,400 subscribers
~ I have over 565 pony-related videos.
~ I bold all of my text as a sort of signature. To make myself feel noticed and a somebody. Are you happy now?
~I will be uploading these comics from ShivyManeuver’s “Brony Conversations”, a comic series based on actual conversations between two -you guessed it – brony friends. In addition, I am uploading them as a self-promotion for my new comic dub series based on this comic series. Hope you guys enjoy.

For Future reference:

Fluttershy is best pone. Go away.

For any oldbrony like myself that remembers CUPCAKES

My most viewed upload on YouTube:

I’m as obsessed with the old days of the fandom as The expert is with Twilicorn and Incest.

Why do I have this?

I have this for personal reasons.


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