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Location: Aboard the Artemis, loading ECMs and Mines into the Torpedo Tubes

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I love YTPMVs, seriously, they’re like crack

I’m never on AIM, but I do respond to wall posts and PMs and such.

My YouTube channel (there’s hardly anything there)

My Steam profile

I like to try to associate people with tropes. Here’s the one I chose for myself.

This thread, from this page onward, is my crown jewel, especially from here onward (EXCEPT PAGE 35, IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SKIP PAGE 35).

Since people have been asking a lot about the fruit salad images, here’s an explanation: usually when people want to respond to a troll, but don’t want to give a serious response (since that would just be feeding it), they’ll post a stock photo of someone eating fruit salad instead. The point of it is to be weird and confusing; a confused troll is a defeated troll.

My thoughts on Internet censorship: “The Internet is a free frontier; a canvas upon which the world can paint its culture. We can explore and develop knowledge, share thoughts and ideas, catalogue just about anything, provide and consume entertainment and information, and communicate at virtually unrivaled speeds. The Internet is simultaneously the most beautiful and most grotesque thing on the planet. I think unregulated access to the Internet should become a human right. The Internet represents ultimate freedom, because anyone with Internet access can do as they please as long as they have no malicious intentions against the freedom of anyone else. Because of this, there is absolutely no place nor full justification for government regulation on the Internet.”

I don’t know who to choose for best pony anymore. Applejack is pretty great, but so is Rarity! What do I do?

Katawa Shoujo is pretty sweet!

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