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This profile is dead Long live the profile
It’s just me now ;_;
Hey there. I’m Carno. After almost four months of inactivity, I’m back.

Why’d you leave?
I got really busy at the end of last year, and I was really tired after trying to set up KYM’s Unofficial TF2 competive Highlander team with TheGreato.
“It’s only me now?”
I shared this account with a guy named named Taur. He doesn’t want to be part of the site anymore.
Why’d he leave?
I don’t really know; we’re not really on speaking terms ATM.


Kid Icarus:Uprising
Half Life 2
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Project M
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Mario Kart 8
Team Fortress 2
The Legend of Zelda

This is what I look like (Kinda, and thats a laurel in my hair.)

If you’re going to friend me, I’ll typically friend you back almost immediately.

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