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I’m Caro. That’s short for Caroline.
My ponysona’s name is Focal Point.

I’m twenty-three years old.

My favorite color is turquoise.

I’m a female brony.

I illustrate and design things––comics are my favorite.

I’ve been playing the piano since I was two years old.

I was very close to being a voice major in college.
I absolutely love to sing.

I’m studying both Korean and Japanese on my own
with the hopes that one day I’ll be trilingual.

Game-wise, I’m a huge Nintendo fangirl
(Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing, SSB … )
but thrive on other games like League of Legends,
Ragnarok Online, Harvest Moon,
and more.

TV-wise, I like Mad Men, Dallas, MLP: FiM,
The Mentalist,
and too many other excellent
series that have ended or been canceled.

Film-wise, give me an action or thriller movie any day.
With lots of guns and car chases and blood.

Anime-wise, you might as well ask because chances
are I’m obsessed with it or at least like the series.

Book-wise, I love anything if it’s well-written and
has a good theme and storyline.

Music-wise, I love 60s & 70s classic rock,
80s & 90s pop, country, bluegrass, folk indie,
big band, jazz, new age piano, soundtracks
from movies, anime, and games,
and … K-pop.

I enjoy American football so much it’s criminal,
and I always have ESPN turned on in the
background year-round.

Apparently, KYM likes to ship me. And I like to play along.

And Luna is best pony.

(Sorry, Krups, none of your NSFWs! :x)

I suppose I’m kind of the ringleader of a Skype group of KYM bronies around here. If you have any interest in joining us, don’t hesitate to PM me your Skype info, and I’ll add you in. We mostly text chat daily with the occasional voice and video chats as well.

Current members:
General Yi
Krupam the Myrtanian
Mr. Scratch
Tim the Enchanter
Vino (Slink)

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