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Commented on "You And Me" Parodies

If I were Nintendo, I think I’d be too embarrassed to claim it had any resemblance or connection to my work.

Feb 25, 2015 at 03:12PM EST

Commented on Tumblr

My advice:
• Avoid arguments/controversy like the plague. There is such a prevalent, volatile “witch hunt” mentality that can instantly ruin individuals over little things (e.g. mass bullying/hate mail/doxxing by someone with an army who thinks you are wrong). It’s not right, but it’s really not worth it. Random people crawl out of the woodwork to “teach you a lesson” and take things at face value without context or humor.
• Once you post something, you can’t take it back. Goes for the Internet at large, but double for Tumblr since it’s designed around spreading copies around. Sign your art, proofread your text, think ahead.
• Be picky about the company you keep. The people you follow are pretty huge gatekeepers of what side of Tumblr you see. Keep a sharp eye out and cut loose anyone on a train to crazytown, because they can take a toll on your own mind and mood.
• Using Tumblr Savior to block bad content isn’t being a coward or making you miss out on much. It saves time and sanity.
• Stay skeptical. Tumblr is a cesspool of misinformation and extremism, sometimes to a cultish degree. People there love to take stuff that sounds right and noble on the surface, twist it beyond recognition, and use it to justify self-centered attitudes. (These practices have severely damaged my faith in a lot of legit causes they claim to support.)

Feb 08, 2015 at 08:45PM EST

Commented on Robert Mugabe Fall

‘’Nobody has shown any evidence of the president having fallen down because that did not happen. The hump on which the president tripped was formed by two pieces of the carpet which apparently had not been laid out properly where they joined. And to be honest with you, even Jesus, let alone you, would have also tripped in that kind of situation."

= “The photo you’re looking at right now is a figment of your imagination, because him falling didn’t actually happen. It happened because…”

Feb 08, 2015 at 03:51AM EST

Commented on

Oh maaan. I remember the hushed gossiping around the computers in my school library about a new website where you could bet on who would bite the dust next, how unsettling it was, and how it might encourage people to commit murders to win. I feel like some of the teachers even might have been involved in those discussions.

Release date checks out. Thanks for the nostalgia. …Reminds me I should maybe try picking up a good book again.

Feb 07, 2015 at 05:49AM EST

Uploaded an image to SuperWhoLock.

Jan 31, 2015 at 12:14AM EST

Commented on Valve, Add This Please!

I’m imagining someone with a disfigured hand glitching in and out of reality saying hi to Don, and Don just kind of backing away slowly.

Jan 30, 2015 at 11:31PM EST

Commented on stalker.png

I love how the guy is calmly saying WTF as his face is exploding with blood

Jan 18, 2015 at 09:44PM EST

Commented on Rob Gronkowski's Butt Crack Fiasco

At least it was very clear on what it was about. It said there would be buttcrack, and there was indeed buttcrack. A true clickbait title would have pulled a Schrödinger’s buttcrack and made you have to guess if there was or was not a buttcrack until you actually clicked to find out.

Jan 12, 2015 at 08:41AM EST

Commented on 4kidseditofneji.jpg

It’s already been edited though. The X was originally a manji (backwards “good” swastika).

Jan 12, 2015 at 08:31AM EST

Commented on Gotta catch them all

In Japan, it’s more acceptable to show young boys being dumb and running around naked with their tiny little nubs of crudely-drawn junk on display, since it’s just about kids being kids. They’ve had to edit undies onto Ash a few times before shipping it out, because over here we’re not quite so chill about peens in our kid shows.

Jan 12, 2015 at 07:19AM EST

Commented on Ref

Especially not your Gibus.

Jan 03, 2015 at 02:07AM EST

Commented on 090.png

I don’t think I want to trust Nobody, if he’s just gonna stab me in the eye.

Jan 03, 2015 at 02:01AM EST

Commented on eff.png

“baited breath”

(correct word is bated)

Dec 24, 2014 at 01:17AM EST

Commented on So this is where it came from...

I put the link up in the notes for you. I just came here from that link and I’m glad someone already posted this so I didn’t have to :) /lazy

So you know, you can link stuff on KYM by putting the link text in quotes (") immediately followed by a colon and then the URL. As seen in the textbox on this page:

Dec 12, 2014 at 01:29AM EST

Commented on [possible repost]

I once owned a speaker system where if you pressed rewind, it would fast forward, and vice versa. I was filled with why.

I also had a handheld portable tape player that could only fast forward, and if you wanted to rewind, you had to take the tape out, flip it, put it back in, fast forward, then take it back out and flip it again and put it back.

I am so glad we don’t have to deal with any of that anymore.

Dec 04, 2014 at 04:10PM EST

Commented on Good Knee High Socks Day

You don’t have to be a foot fetishist to appreciate someone with nice legs wearing some high socks (and requisite short skirt/shorts/whatever) that complement them.

Dec 04, 2014 at 01:03AM EST

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