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(Conman is a corruption of my full name that was a nickname given to me by friends. “The Terrible” was thrown in for fun.)

Greetings! I welcome thee to my profile page! While you’re here take a look at my fine wares bio. If you want an accurate statement of how long i’ve been active, subtract 7 months from my months since I joined.

My role on the internets has largely been lurking about. Never contributing, only watching from a distance like how a bleary eyed peasant child stares at well fed men of extraordinary craft. I once posted a troll comic on CheezBurger which was front paged. I became so overwhelmed with the sudden publicity (and the hindsight of how much better it could have been) I never posted anything again until recently. You can find the comic Here (The Profile is tad different because I forgot my password and never bothered to remember it. I don’t use it anymore.)

In the past I have attempted to be artistically talented. Thanks to the disease known as lethargy however, all that has resulted in was a 100 dollar electric guitar collecting dust. However I have recently started working on my drawing skills! At the moment i’m practicing handling the pencil, vanishing points, and shading.

I joined KYM because it looked like there was an actual sense of community, more so than say, Youtube.

Other fun facts.
Likes: Eating ketchup straight from the packets, Pokemon, Making my computer say butt, fart, and poop, Pro-Wrestling, Vidya games, drawing.
Dislikes: The sound of sand paper on wood, math, being thrown into a volcano
Favorite Food: Food
Favorite Bands: They Might be Giants, Buckethead, Stepdad, Giraffes? Giraffes!, The Beatles, That Handsome Devil
Political Views: No

Muh Artwurks

The Pics in here are my favorite practice works. There’s more but they’re in my image gallery (Be careful in there, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt).

DA Account:

Feel free to ask me something!

Also feel free to listen to my song of the month.

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