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Just a Transformers fan who love the series with a huge passion. I’m also in love a ton of fandoms/franchises, which I normally upload to the site (usually).

She fights and she cleans.

Other than deleting reposts/NC and moving some images around, I mostly just hangout on the IRC and the forums these days. Might post a comment or two once in a while and upload several images (2-3 out of the rest of the images I upload in a day are 90% guarantied to be transformers related).
-Orion Pax/Optimus (Prime)
-Star Saber
-Hot Rod/Rodimus (Prime)
-Ultra Magnus


-The Decepticon Justice Division/DJD
-Combaticons (Bruticus)
-Aerialbots (Superion)
-Constructicons (Devastator/Prowlastator)

Neutral/Other Factional Transformers:
-Signal Lancer
-IDW Cyclonus
-IDW Tailgate
-Chef Justice Tyrest
-Pepsi Covoy

Reposts/NC deletion and Image tagging/moving go here
Button stolen inspired by Deltamelon

Places you can find me:
Tumblr account
Steam account

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