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Location: Goat's Temple (Actually is Brazil)

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Eu sou parte da raça do Huehue br br. Você não contava com minha astucia.

Oh hi there. How are you doing? Honestly I don’t care, I’m just being polite

You see I’ve been a member of Know your meme for a while, even before the pony nation attacked. Those were the days. If someone were to ask, I would say that I’m not really like all this pony thing (I always wanted to try some horse meat tho). But don’t worry, I don’t shove what I don’t/do like in other troat.
And by the way…

Once I was the Goatknight, but by keeping the word of the Goat going and alive, I’ve become the Paladin of the Goat.Now, I’m the Goat’s Guardian, keeper of her word, and all those who wants to challenge her must face me.

See this image? This is why I was suspended for 4 days, because I posted a picture on the internet and someone didn’t like it.

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