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I am the Doctor……of the commentating. And I forgot the rest of the story so THE END.

Basic details

I’m a guy (simple like the brownies, not?) Basicaly I’m a hardcore gamer, that means, I play games, alot. Also I’m big fan of lot of things, like the Warhammer 40K universe (die heretic scums!), Team Fortress 2 (Spah sappin’ mah Medic!), Soul Eater (Maka-chop!), and the exclamation marks within brackets (!). Anything else? Hmmm……Friends! Well you all know friendship is a stupid magic! If you wanna be my friend you need to entertain me (no, I’m not entertained), and then maybe, maybe (that means if you ask me nicely I will accept it, otherwise if you just follow me, I’m gonna count that as you are my fan, nothing else). About my editorship requests. If I ask one that ‘coz your entry suck or I know some useful information or I could help you in both HTML and Textile. And oh yeah I’m not that doctor (you know, that one with the blue box) or related to that doctor in anyway. I love that show but no.

Other details

Also I have some free fuck, you can get one, if you wait enough.

Okay that was a rude joke, right?

Special BNM Avatar Collection
Now you can ask what is this? This is where I put those modified Brand New Member avatars if I encounter any of them! But you can post them on my wall if you find any just don’t forget to ask the owner about it.

More coming soon.

My favourite subcultures
I’m not part in any of them but I like to stalk them (HueHueHue)

Favourite memes
Reaction faces and their relatives
Basicaly all of them. Hmmm. Aha! Places where the memes born.
Did I missed anything? I think not.

My Favourite video games and shows and movies

  • Video games:

Team Fortress 2
Every BioShock
Last of Us
Watch Dogs
Any other games run on any Windows, Linux, Mac, Wii, Wii U, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One (I regret nothing!), PSP, PS Vita, Gameboy, Nes64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, any Smart phone, Tablet PC.

  • Shows:

Gravity Falls
Star Trek
Doctor Who
The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Or anything goes on the TV when I can’t reach my remote controll

  • Movies:

Well basicaly every Sci-Fi and Comedy, here’s some of them.
Star Wars
James Bond movies, they are sci-fi in some way not?
Classic one, 2001:Space Odyssey
The hangover, only just the first, rest for me is meh.
and many other.
Other movies: Which are not comedy or Sci-Fi but I like it.
The silence of the lambs
The Twilight saga! Okay this was a joke, I hate those movies.
Hitchcock films from the Birds to the Psycho. stab stab stab while that creepy music plays the best scene ever. And have many parodies.
The shining. Here’s Johnny……


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