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After a short stint gone, I’m back. Anyway, you may have encountered my alt account, solar flaire, which will now go away. It’s good to be back.

Replacing my bio with a poem I wrote:

As I was walking on a day so hot
Minding my business I was lost in thought
Admiring birds when suddenly
A srange creature began approaching me
What could it be? I thought to myself,
Then I realized it ‘twas an elf
Hurried he said he needed me
What was the matter? Oh well, we’ll see
I went inside his home so dark
And I saw a little lark
Was this his problem? Oh could I be?
It was confirmed by what said he:
“I took yon’ lark in thinking naught
Bout bid appetite and attitude haught
but soon he ate me from house and home
Made me wish I’d left him to roam”

That is a problem, I do see,
But what could the solution be?
We must trap that foul pest,
and return him quickly to his nest.
So we set a trap, so very wise
An apple pie was it’s simple guise
Then the bird flew in for a taste and SNAP!
he was caught very neatly in our trap
We took him uotside and set him free,
The elf started talking ’bout my fee
Forget it chap, I did say
I help others for no pay!

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