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I love Sgt. Frog. And now for something completely different.

DoRoDoRoDoRo…its starting!
DoRoDoRo…learn how to draw dororo song!
um…arent you forgetting someone?
my eyes are actually the same as keroro-kun’s.(dont pose me.)
i eat with chopsticks.
the spork is an evil invention.(this is quite nice.)
Mt. Fuji is number one in japan(eh? where’s dororo?)
walking silenty like a ninja…(dororo’s not here.)
i have to tie my apron well.
getting pushed to jump like a frog for a lap…(why?)
this persimmon has my painful memories.
my trauma switch has turned on.(DoRoDoRo…)
wars on my west, disasters on my east.
nija art, wind of disaster!(toya!)
that bright shuriken is only for peace.
are we really friends?(gero?)
lance corporal dororo, complete!(nin!)
(translation by ichigo0212 on deviantART)

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