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Commented on Brothers.

Speaking as a doctor, I believe you have a severe case of butthurt.

Dec 19, 2014 at 11:59PM EST

Commented on 8e5.png

God, reading this series is so surreal as the CIA torture documents are being released.

Dec 18, 2014 at 11:59PM EST

Commented on acf.jpg

Most of the Founding Fathers were Free Masons, actually. They have a monument in D.C. and everything.

Dec 18, 2014 at 05:33PM EST

Commented on eaf.png

>Implying it’s weird for DEMONS to engage in incest or pedophilia.
What did you expect, prey tell? Though, if it makes you feel any better, the artist said it wasn’t meant to be incest, so blame whoever commissioned a drawing of familial love between two people in succubus outfits.

Dec 14, 2014 at 10:43AM EST

Commented on f63.png

Well, that’s what happens when you teach to the test.

Dec 10, 2014 at 07:56AM EST

Commented on f8c.png

While I don’t think it’s something to get up-in-arms about, it still technically is as the majority of the population celebrates it, entire towns are decked out only for it, commercials only care about it and it’s assumed everyone is celebrating it until stated otherwise. That it’s treated as the norm makes it a privilege, just one I personally don’t find to be particularly oppressing due to posts like Bob’s.
Also, Christmas is about birth, Hanukkah is about war. Even as a Jew, I still feel like the former is a better thing to celebrate, honestly. Why Hanukkah would actually fill anyone with gay cheer when it’s about bloodshed, even in the name of liberation, is beyond me.

Dec 05, 2014 at 07:01PM EST

Commented on 509.png

Not every villain has to be some moody, edgy, emo, “everything is sorrow, join me in the void of despair!” Kingdom Hearts kind of villain. For one thing, villains so incredibly evil that they have zero humanity actually kind of makes them a joke in their ridiculous zeal; it gets too hammy. Seeing bad people but knowing that they’re also able to crack a joke or do something less-than-evil makes them that much more scary because you know you’re fighting against a real “person” with actual emotions and human worth, dignity or value and not just a cartoonish, unrealistic, exaggerated, embodiment of PURE EVIL. Because you never walk down the street and find the ultimate face of cruelty just chilling at a coffee shop. But pretty much every day you’re liable to run into some asshole who, while flawed and possibly even funny, is still a huge jerk that makes your life hard unless you stand up to them. Being evil, but not completely evil, is what makes villains so relatable. Being funny doesn’t prevent a character from being truly menacing. Classic example: The Joker.

Nov 30, 2014 at 10:09AM EST

Commented on I like Korra, I do, but...

I find that that’s due to highlight the tension between Korra wanting to be a one-Avatar army and the reality of the modern world requiring entire countries or corporations big enough to handle such huge issues. Especially as technology replaces human effort, or bending effort in this case.

Nov 28, 2014 at 11:52PM EST

Commented on 2014 Ferguson Riots

Well, we can only hope so. Lots of important historical events get ignored, often on purpose. For example, how many people know that the U.S. government backed military dictatorships in Central and South America during the second half of the 1900’s in the name of “anti-communism” but with clear elements of imperialism and big business influence as well? And how many people care? Ronald Reagan got the name “Teflon President” because scandals like that never hurt his popularity. Only time will tell how this event and many others in the recent years are portrayed decades and centuries later.

Nov 26, 2014 at 12:23AM EST

Commented on 2014 Ferguson Riots

Chicken and egg: Do people riot because the police are militarized, or do the police militarize because people riot? Essentially, what is the purpose of the police: To keep “danger” out or to keep “us” in?

Nov 26, 2014 at 12:15AM EST

Commented on 2014 Ferguson Riots

Life isn’t a video game, you don’t unlock civil rights that just stay there, forever. They have to be constantly protected against new threats attempting to undermine them. While I don’t believe violence is the proper way to go about it, this struggle is still far from over. Flippant as ykcud was, they’re right in that there is a clear disproportion in the amount of blacks in American prisons compared to other racial groups. There is a clear system against them, it’s not that hard to see.
Saying “the movement for civil rights ended a long time ago, Martin Luther King won those” is like saying “the movement for democracy ended a long time ago, the Founding Fathers won those”.

Nov 25, 2014 at 11:47PM EST

Commented on ME!ME!ME!

See, that’s what I’m saying. It’s so open-ended and WTF that how can you really tell if it’s incredibly clever or just dumb? It’s clearly trying to walk the thin line between self-parody and…just self, but in my mind it feels like it just falls off. Like, Manyuu Hikenchou is porn, but it has the theme of “girls shouldn’t be judged by their breast size”. But it’s still expansion porn with…girls with large breasts, clearly meant to be judged. Is that clever or hypocritical? I don’t know. All along, I’ve been saying that I have no clue whether this is amazing or trashy and that it’s too fuzzy to tell. My cynical instincts tell me it’s trash but enough people have said otherwise, (props to the ones who explained why and didn’t just downvote) to make me reconsider. So now I just don’t know. ME!ME!ME! is either one of the greatest things of our time…or overhyped nonsense. Maybe it’s both. Maybe that was the point. Who knows? This is what happens when you don’t make things even the slightest bit clear: Arguments. Not a fan. Prefer absolutes to ambiguity.

Nov 24, 2014 at 08:07PM EST

Commented on ME!ME!ME!

See, that’s the problem, though. The fan-theories and speculation could make this video amazing, but then how much would that be the video and how much would that be the viewer? This is the problem with such highly interpretative pieces. You can never tell if something is incredibly clever or just really stupid. Could you differentiate between the colorful scribbles of a world-renowned modern artist who makes millions and that of a child who gets scolded for wasting paper? Similarly, where I see garbage, you see greatness. You could be right. I could be right. I don’t know, that’s the point I’m trying to get across. As good as the fan theories are, those aren’t really the complete result of the creativity of the creators as much as it is the fans. If Leonardo Da Vinci saw some shit on the side of the road and was inspired to make the Mona Lisa, would that make the shit beautiful because it inspired beauty? I, personally, say no. People can make a bad video into their own good ones, but that doesn’t redeem the original bad video in my eyes. As for the music, again, it’s all taste. Too screechy. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, but thank for for not judging.

Nov 24, 2014 at 05:13PM EST

Commented on ME!ME!ME!

I know I’m probably going to get downvoted for this, but I just really want to put my two cents out there…it’s shit.
The song is awful, which is sad since TeddyLoid did such a great job on the PSG soundtrack.
The video is typical 2deep4u music video garbage where they (literally) throw up a bunch of stuff they saw on an acid trip and trick people into thinking it has some amazing, deep truth to it.
I’m probably wrong and probably just tired and probably just biased since it’s made by Hideki Anno, who I’ve never been a fan of, but when I see this, I really don’t get what’s the big deal. This, to me, is like the eastern version of Anaconda in
a) its lack of actual music and instead focus on erotic visuals and
b) its success in catering to two completely different people by essentially presenting one song as two, like that image of Marilyn Monroe/Albert Eisenstein, only here, people see what they want to see: Either it’s some groundbreaking, big message that mocks fanservice-ridden anime, or it is just fanservice-ridden anime. Just like Anaconda is either a female-empowering song that mocks trashy sex tunes, or it is just some trashy sex tune, whichever you prefer.

Nov 24, 2014 at 07:57AM EST

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