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Gee, and I thought I was gonna get through today without bursting into tears.

Jul 16, 2014 at 09:59PM EDT

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Even by hentai standards this seems terribly contrived.

May 20, 2014 at 09:48AM EDT

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As an Australian this makes me sad.

May 20, 2014 at 07:13AM EDT

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In the grim darkness of the far future there are only face melting power ballads!

May 08, 2014 at 07:29AM EDT

Uploaded an image to Cosplay.

May 08, 2014 at 02:55AM EDT

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If you didn’t want people to think you wanted to fuck horses, maybe you shouldn’t have associated with all those horse-fuckers.

Apr 28, 2014 at 09:38AM EDT

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Stay tuned next time for Elders react to PewDiePie reacts to Elders react to PewDiePie.

Apr 19, 2014 at 03:45AM EDT

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I’m questioning her unusual choice of username.

Jan 29, 2014 at 07:22AM EST

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That’ll do, pig.

Jan 28, 2014 at 02:29AM EST

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