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Welcome to my profile page!

Well I’m just a guy from Mexico who has nothing better to do than stand in this little corner of the internet
Well, basically I do two things here:

Searching for new pics

And making comments for the sake of lulz
Listen music
Watch good TV shows like Dr. Who, Breaking Bad, and others
Watch cartoons from South Park and the Simpsons to that popular cartoon with talking horses and unicorns (and anime of course)
Movies, play some videogames (Which reminds me one of this days use my count in steam)
sleep, eat, fap breath and love :3

- Finish the college (Or whatever is college for you)
- After finish the college get unemployed (Now I have a job, yuppie!)
- Get the tittle of Karma Tycoon for my content and my comments…I guess
- Being a year on Know Your Meme (and I hope will be many more)

The avatar I’m using right now was made by MedleyManiac®

Well that’s it, so have this puppy as reward:

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