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Classy as Hell

At least I tried…

Ever since the near mental breakdown I’ve had starting a week before this log, I’ve decided to post my daily happenings (when I can) onto a log for my friends to see. I’ll usually edit it as time goes on, and I’ll save the important ones for future reference.
So, I have finally decided to make my first drawing of Emerson, and admittingly, it turned out okay. Now, all I have to do is find a scanner, post this picture online, and it will be the first step to toward my legacy as a great artist!

April 17th: I was thinking about things before I went to bed last night, and a thought came to mind. “What would it be like… if I can’t be there anymore.” I mean, there’s got to be a time where I can’t be on KYM, and I wonder what that would be like. Will you guys still remember me? Will things be better or worse when I’m gone? So many questions about the future… and the only legitimate answer I have is, “Fate will tell.”


What people think of me:

3DS Friend Code: 2981-7139-9636 User is Tosogare

My Tumblr account
(Finally made one after all of these years)

I’m just an aspiring anime maker that messes around the internet from time to time. I spent 2 years looking at the memes and images before making an account. I am an extremely silly person who gets along with most people, except with any person who says “Y.O.L.O” God, that phrase is annoying.
I like Nintendo, because it’s all about “Playing with your friends.”
Favorite games:

Kirby Series
Smash Bros Series
Mario Kart Series
Cave Story

Emerson Grey’s List of Don’ts (Work in Progress):

1. Don’t go into a room with women with a spoon in hand, and yell “Who wants to be spooned!!” It can be awkward in more than one way.

2. Don’t play racist Duck Duck Goose (White… white… white… BLACK! )

3. If there’s something you don’t know coming from the wall, don’t touch, eat, or smell it.

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