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3DS Friend Code: 2981-7139-9636 User is Emerson

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I’m just an aspiring anime maker that messes around the internet from time to time. I spent 2 years looking at the memes and images before making an account. I am an extremely silly person who gets along with most people, except with any person who says “Y.O.L.O” God, that phrase is annoying.
I like Nintendo, because it’s all about “Playing with your friends.”
Favorite games:

Kirby Series
Smash Bros Series
Mario Kart Series
Cave Story

Emerson Grey’s List of Don’ts (Work in Progress):

1. Don’t go into a room with women with a spoon in hand, and yell “Who wants to be spooned!!” It can be awkward in more than one way.

2. Don’t play racist Duck Duck Goose (White… white… white… BLACK! )

3. If there’s something you don’t know coming from the wall, don’t touch, eat, or smell it.

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