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A.K.A. The guy that looks like a gal. (Thanks, TripleA.)

Hiya! I’m a Sophomore in high school residing in the state of Illinois in the USA (The “Somewhere in the scattered disc, just outside the Kuiper Belt” thing is there because why not). My B-day is on August 14 so a simple comment at the very least will be thanked. I’m just another bored person in the world, so here I am!
Sam is my favorite user on this site.
Twisty may be a dick sometimes, but he’s still a cool guy. He makes music!
Particle Mare is really helpful, and she kicks ass at TF2.
l4tul4 is a funny person who I can relate to sometimes.
Minty is a fun and creative guy. Also, he filled me with memesex
Foxy is another person I can relate to. He also makes FNAF videos.
Sato is the most dank person on this site.
Muffinlicious is a great person in this community.
TumblrUserCelest is a really great guy, and reminds me of me in some ways.

And there are many more great people, but these guys are off the top of my head.

With nothing else to talk about, why don’t you listen to this nice song?

Same as “June 2014 – July 2014”

If you ever feel scared, just remember this quote:

IRC Name: Eris_

Made by PredictableMan

Can we all just get along?


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