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Greetings fellow citizens of Kalos. I’m King Espurr, the king of all Espurrs in Kalos. Obey me, and I will give everyone free Pokepuffs!

But if any person on here who won’t obey me. I will send my Espurr army after you!

I King Espurr, the king of all Espurrs! Also has a secret crush on Sylveon that I meet back in a Sylveon Maid Cafe at the palace.

I’m also a fan of “The Gothic World Of Nyanpire”. I even created a fan club based on the anime and manga series in my kingdom. It’s a cute and funny anime, that I would recommend to watch during the Fall and month of Halloween .

My favorite characters from the anime is Chachamaru,Masamunya, and Nyatenshi.

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