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Oh, hi Mark

Skimaskkass had me make this account. Why? Because he’s Batman! Oh…wait…no. He had me make this because he’s a small off-duty chekezlovakian traffic warden! no wait that’s not it either. It might have been he was a red and white striped golfing umbrella. Oh wait, NOW I remember! It was because he’s the Bolivian navy on maneuvers in the South Pacific!!

Oh and one more thing:

Admit it. You wanna play the game now.

It has come to my attention that this website is a hangout for bronies. So, naturally I will have THAT conversation at some point. I ain’t hating on the bronies, hold yer horses (ba dum bu… wait… thats not funny). I’m not gonna doubt peoples claims that the show is awesome,,i’m just drawn away by the concept of watching a show about ponies. Tell you what, person thats so bored they’re reading this, as soon as a pony says “Groovy!” , or fights a caccodemon, I’ll start watching! But, that still doesn’t change the fact that i’ve never seen it in the guide, so I’m assuming it on kinda early or I just don’t have that channel. Besides If that show was really that awesome, Bruce Campbell would be in it just like in my fanfic. OH! I mean..uh…um…er…sports team?
Hey, would ya look at that. I’ve been promoted.
This calls for more cowbell!

If your from that pointless thread I made then let me be the first to apologize. It seemed a good idea when I first thought of it, guess I was wrong. It’s just that if men like ponies, put something in there that men would like…in a tasteful way. That was my driving force. In the end, I think it was just me making an excuse to see Bruce Campbell become more popular. Either that or it was my psychotic urge to see ponies punched in the face. Come on, after all the over posting, can you really blame me?

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