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My life consists of clicking and dragging colorful horses around in Adobe Flash and occasionally publishing the results.

I also do animation for Super Smash Ponies when I’m not working on independent projects. The ride never ends.


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Commented on Verbose's wall

Ponies and deer are, like, the same animal, right? Remind me to make you an animated deer some day.

Feb 16, 2013 at 01:39AM EST

Commented on You Had One Job

Okay, I’m going to clear up what I guess are some concerns. 9gag was never listed as the source. However, there was a single instance on the entry of an image from 9gag, because it was legitimately the oldest upload of the most notable example that I could find. Because I acknowledge that 9gag has a massive userbase that could potentially create funny OC once in a while, I decided to put it in. However, I obviously overlooked the fact that you people aren’t able to understand that. I knew it was likely a reupload, but I was unable to find an older source, and I’m unwilling to lie and use a more recent example from reddit or something just to keep 9gag off the page. Yes, I dislike 9gag as much as the next guy, but you need to get over your meme elitism and acknowledge that there will be times when it is appropriate to feature content from the website.

Feb 15, 2013 at 08:08PM EST

Commented on tscheezpuffs' wall

Thanks for the editorship on Fighting is Magic. At the moment there are no Internets to be found on my computer, but I’ll start working as soon as my network is back up.

Feb 15, 2013 at 07:04PM EST

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